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Winner - Nilgiri House 

1) Akshay Pratap Singh

2) Preeti Bhandari

3) Palak Mehta

4) Akash Kumar

5) Karan Kirola

6) Eeya Gupta 

Runner's Up - Himalaya House 

1) Eklavya Singh

2) Manish Kandpal

3) Nikita Prasad

4) Rajshree Tewari

5) Nilaksh Parihar

6) Kirti Bisht

1) Result of Marathon Race, organized by ABVP, Bhimtal Unit on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

Baltej Singh - 2nd

Harshit Samant - 3rd

2) Result of Inter School Cultural Competition organized by Acharya Narendra Dev Rashtriya Udyogik Prashikshan Kendra, Nainital on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

Folk Dance - 1st

Mime - 1st




Consolation Prize - Nitin Bisht - Himalaya House

3rd Position - Riya Sharma - Vindhya House

2nd Position - Shreya Negi - Nilgiri Hose

1st Position - Dhruv Garia - Himalaya House


Winner - Himalaya House

1) Dhruv Garia

2) Nitin Bisht

3) Ravi Gurung

4) Jaishree Tiwari

Runner's Up - Vindhya House

1) Dhruv Pant

2) Varun Joshi

3) Riya Sharma

4) Bhanu Rawat

Result of Competitions organised by Govind Ballabh Pant Jayanti Samaroh, Bhimtal

Jr. Boys Race - Deepak Mourya - 3rd 

Speech Competition - Himani Fartyal - 3rd

A grand celebration of Teachers' Day is held at school premises on 5th Sep,2017. Several activities took place like Musical Chair, Cultural Activities etc.

The following teachers were nominated as the  pedagogic dignitaries for the year 2017

Mrs. S. Negi

Dr. S.M.Nailwal (for securing 100% marks in Biology by Soumya Dixit)

Dr. N. Pant (for securing 100% marks in Hindi by Yatharth Chaturvedi)

Mr. S.S.Bisht

Ms. M. Upreti







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For centuries the majestic mountains, clear blue skies, lush green ambience and shimmering waters of this lake town (Bhimtal) in Kumaon has a strong impact on mankind. Its mystique has enthralled human imagination since time immemorial and has always given a feeling of being a paradise. This is the lake town of Bhimtal or BRAHMA SAROVAR, as depicted in the PURANS. The name of Bhimtal which is one of the biggest lakes of Kumaon aligns earth legendary Pandava Prince BHIMA and Lord SHIVA.

Lakes International School, Bhimtal came in to existence in May 2001. Within short span of a yrs the institution's contribution has been laudable and it has emerged as one of the leading Residential co - educational institutions affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. The school is recognized for its progressive education with a definite accent on the sacred Indian Culture and traditions.

At LIS, students are expected to be industrious, disciplined, respectful and obedient in order to derive maximum profit out of their stay in the school. We do our best to impart a meaningful educational programme to help the students to develop a versatile and will-integrated personality with a sense of plurality in every respect which is so essential for our national and individual progress. The immensely healthy & intensely interactive atmosphere flooded with numerous knowledge oriented co - curricular activities further lays a solid foundation for perspective growth in an individual, moulding a personality gleaning with brimming self confidence eloquent communication skills, ethical character & humanistic empathy.   

Welcome to the LIS - family nature for the nation.

Why is LIS the ultimate choice?

LIS does it's best to impart, a meaningful educational programme, to help the students to develop an all round and will integrated personality with a sense of purity in every respect which is so essential for our national and individual progress. Here students are expected to be industrious, disciplined, respectful and obedient in order to derive maximum profit out of their stay in the School. The smart class teaching atmosphere along with the multi  purpose co-curricular activities provide a resourceful platform & indispensable exposure to develop into ambidextrous & talented individuals.

Aims and Objectives

To provide an ATMOSPHERE to develop the individual personality of each student and to inculcate in students an awareness of their rich cultural heritage.

To provide an EDUCATION which is a happy blend of the traditional & western values-education which nurtures the best tradition of our culture and also absorbs the finer western influences.

To Provide a CLIMATE for a whole some and integrated upbringing, seeking to provide well acclimatized, dynamic students equipped with the valuable qualities of leadership and awareness.

To provide OPPORTUNITIES for extra curricular activities and games for the growth of sound physical and mental health.

To develop an assertive attitude & coping skills to handle or accomplish the airdous & strenuous challenges of life.