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Consolation Prize - Nitin Bisht - Himalaya House

3rd Position - Riya Sharma - Vindhya House

2nd Position - Shreya Negi - Nilgiri Hose

1st Position - Dhruv Garia - Himalaya House


Winner - Himalaya House

1) Dhruv Garia

2) Nitin Bisht

3) Ravi Gurung

4) Jaishree Tiwari

Runner's Up - Vindhya House

1) Dhruv Pant

2) Varun Joshi

3) Riya Sharma

4) Bhanu Rawat

Result of Competitions organised by Govind Ballabh Pant Jayanti Samaroh, Bhimtal

Jr. Boys Race - Deepak Mourya - 3rd 

Speech Competition - Himani Fartyal - 3rd

A grand celebration of Teachers' Day is held at school premises on 5th Sep,2017. Several activities took place like Musical Chair, Cultural Activities etc.

The following teachers were nominated as the  pedagogic dignitaries for the year 2017

Mrs. S. Negi

Dr. S.M.Nailwal (for securing 100% marks in Biology by Soumya Dixit)

Dr. N. Pant (for securing 100% marks in Hindi by Yatharth Chaturvedi)

Mr. S.S.Bisht

Ms. M. Upreti

Laxmi Malara is awarded Consolation Prize in Essay Writing Competition organised by Nainital Samachar, at Nainital



Garima Yadav (Primary Section) - 1st Nikita Prasad ( Junior Section) - 1st Shahensha Ali ( Junior Section) - 2nd Junior Folk Song Group - 2nd Junior Dance Group - 1st Senior Folk Song Group - 2nd Senior Folk Dance Group - 2nd 


Under 11 yrs. category - Karan KiroulaUnder 13 yrs category - Ayush Barthwal, Nilaksh PariharUnder 15 yrs. category - Aman Thapa, Karan Pratap Singh, Sagar Pratap Singh KhandkaGirls - Palak Mehta, Shylin BenjwalSchool awarded the overall Championship Runner's Up Trophy.

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, Lakes Family and Education Dept. of Uttarakhand & Others Jointly celebrates "NATIONAL SPORTS DAY" in school premises. The events were

1) Cross Country Race2) Volleyball3) Tykondo along with cultural program

LIS family celebrates Independence Day and Janmashtami in school premesis


1. Vandana (Winner) - Nilgiri House

2. Action Song (Winner) - Vindhya House

3. Folk Dance (Winner) - Nilgiri House

4. Modern Dance (Winner) - Shivalik House

5. Quazali (Winner) - Shivalik House

6. Gazal (Winner) - Nilgiri House

7. English Play (Winner) - Himalaya House

8. Orchestra (Winner) - Shivalik House

Overall Champion - Vindhya House

Result of AISSE 2017

CGPA 10 – 24 students 

Akansha Sanwal, Abhishek Upreti, Aman Rautela, Ankita Kulyal, Arun Dalakoti, Deepanshu Singh, Deshveer Singh, Dhruv Pant, Dushyant Raghav, Jaishree Tiwari, Javir Hussain, Jitender Singh Bisht, Monika Sharma, Nitin Joshi, Prachi Joshi, Prachi Mathpal, Priyanshi Sah, Rakshita Padiyar, Satwik Dixit, Shrutkirti Singh Mehra, Syed Mohd Huzam, Satyam Darmwal, Shreya Negi, Varun Joshi

CGPA 9.8 – 3 students

Chehraj Bisht, Divyanshi Kulyal, Tanishka Jantwal

CGPA 9.6 – 6 students

Aman  Gurung, Desh Deepak Kohli, Devashish Pant, Mohit Singh Bohra, Shivangi Bohra, Vaibhav Mehra

CGPA 9 above – 46 students

CGPA 8 – 9 – 29 students

CGPA 7 – 8 – 18 students

CGPA 6 – 7 – 10 students

TOTAL students appeared - 103






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Chairman Desk

L.I.S has emerged as an eminent, Educational entity since the last one decade, imparting not only technology oriented prolific education, but also serving as a launching platform for innumerable remunerative careers.
Numerous scholors have benefited through the school's multifarious pedagogical programmes. Our intention has always been focused on the betterment of imperative academic growth and illumination of charismatic character of the children of our school.

We further plan to extrapolate our meticulous plans to provide better career prospects to children through proportionate symbiosis of potential teaching skills and infrastructural perquisites which will provide them exposure to cosmopolitan prospects and develop them into formidable connoisseurs.

Our students have shown tremendous prowess both in academics as well as curricular spheres and have fetched prestigious accolades for the school, over the previous year and it won't be an overstatement if I proclaim that, We are all prepared to subjugate leading Institutions of our Nation and even supercede the ultramontane perimeters of the Academic World.


lakes International school bhimtal nainital

Aims and Objectives

To provide an ATMOSPHERE to develop the individual personality of each student and to inculcate in students an awareness of their rich cultural heritage.

To provide an EDUCATION which is a happy blend of the traditional & western values-education which nurtures the best tradition of our culture and also absorbs the finer western influences.

To Provide a CLIMATE for a whole some and integrated upbringing, seeking to provide well acclimatized, dynamic students equipped with the valuable qualities of leadership and awareness.

To provide OPPORTUNITIES for extra curricular activities and games for the growth of sound physical and mental health. 

For centuries the majestic mountains, clear blue skies, lush green ambience and shimmering waters of this lake town (Bhimtal) in Kumaon has a strong impact on mankind. Its mystique has enthralled human imagination since time immemorial and has always given a feeling of being a paradise...more 

Principal Desk

Education is the basis of all the modes of life. Keeping this fact in mind the School is administered with a People First philosophy that makes faculty members, staff, Administrators and Directors - accessible to students.
The school has been carefully calibrated to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge, you'll need to succeed in life. Essentially one needs strong internal motivation to succeed in life. Your passion for excellence, ability to learn & expert's guidance can certainly determine your success in life. Systematic and latest teaching methodology results in a sound academic base and it also inculcates positive attitude, self belief & high level of confidence.
We provide a student centric learning environment to simulate intellectual development, encourage analytical thinking that develops competitive ability.
At the same time you must inculcate positive thought. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other individual thing.